Thursday, September 26, 2013

my number 3.

this boy.

he is my number three.

he is already growing up much faster than this mama is comfortable with.

he has been saying "mama" since he was 6 months old and to say he has stolen my heart would be putting it lightly.

he falls asleep during every single run i take him on.

he is simple. extremely patient. calm. quiet.

he absolutely loves playing with keys. they are one of his favorites.

his laugh is contagious and you can typically find any one of us attempting to make him laugh any chance we get.

he does not demand attention.
and yet, he has a very gentle, commanding presence.

he is the best kind of squishy.

he is the perfect addition to our family.
and while he is extremely attached to me, he is already a daddy's boy through and through.

his toothless grin is the best.
he can melt our hearts in an instant.

he blesses us.
all day.
every day.


  1. I keep seeing this rug! Where did you get it, I really like it!

    1. it is from IKEA!! it is such a fun rug :)

  2. I thought that is the one I've been eyeing-I keep seeing it on people's blogs! I actually ordered it yesterday from Amazon, they were sold out online, boo! I'm excited to get it though.

    1. aw, yay!!! i'm so glad you were still able to find will love it! :)