Sunday, January 5, 2014

14 weeks.

we are 14 weeks today.

no bump to really speak of yet, but i thought i would document anyway. :)

baby's size: my little one is about the size of a lemon and can now squint, have facial expressions and possibly such his/her thumb.

pregnancy symptoms: i feel like i have finally come out of the fog of fatigue that is my entire first trimester.
it feels glorious to have that little extra boost of energy. other than that, i am not experiencing too many symptoms. i am that gal that goes through pregnancy with very few, if any, of the uncomfortable symptoms and actually thoroughly enjoys and loves everything about being pregnant. i know that is probably terribly annoying for some, but i promise i do not take it for granted. :) oh! i have had some pretty crazy dreams lately...pregnancy dreams always weird me out a bit!

cravings: anything with protein. water.

food aversions: none.

best moment this week: sharing our news with friends. :)

gender: do not know yet, but we will definitely find out at our next sono. i have thought a few times about waiting to know the gender at birth, but who am i kidding?! i can't wait! i do have some inklings on the gender of this little one, but i will wait to share...

exercise: sadly, i have not been running much at all for the last month or so. partly due to traveling, partly due to the weather (it has been super cold and while i can get out and run in the cold, i don't feel comfortable taking my boys out for that long), and partly due to a lack of energy. since i have taken so much time off from running, i will either start back up very slowly or just switch to walking, which is what i usually do during pregnancy. the running has been kinda hard to give up since i had become so attached through training for my first half marathon. i know my time to run will return though...although i'm not sure how i will manage with four. ;) 

looking forward to: continuing to feel my baby grow...the first feelings of movement!

i haven't decided how often i will do these little posts...maybe weekly, maybe bi-weekly.

i just want to document the experience a little more thoroughly than i did my others.


  1. Congratulations again Katie! You are lucky to not have many pregnancy symptoms, I too am one of the lucky ones! My Nain symptom is moodiness, which unfortunately affects those around me more than myself! I'm excited to read about your pregnancy journey!

    1. Thank you, Tracy!! Excited to see what you are having this time around!! :) I'm so glad you are one of the lucky ones too...and i'm pretty sure the moodiness gets all of us from time to time. ;) Hope you are doing so well!! xoxo

  2. We're having another girl! Can't wait to find out what you're having!

    1. Awww, so fun...sisters are the best!!! I'll be sure to share what we are having when we find out! :)