Sunday, January 26, 2014

because nothing is perfect...


so the last thing i ever want is for anyone stopping by this little space to think everything
is perfect in our world.
or to think that i have it all together...
or that life is all peaches and cream, sunshine and roses, glitz and glimmer...

i am not arrogant enough to think that any of you would think this, but ya know, just in case. ;)

i have only been doing the blogging thing for a few months now, but am wanting to make a few things clear up front.

this little space is merely a glimpse,
a snapshot,
a peek, 
into our every day life as a whole.

which is exactly what i want it to be.
this blog is a memory-keeper for me so that later in life, i can look back and be reminded of each season of life as i live it.
to be reminded of all of God's goodness through every single season.
it is a love-letter of sorts to my boys.
a way for me to let them know just how much I love them...
in hopes that they see God's love through this.
it is a means to tell my story.
to share with others the testimony of my life.
of my family's life.

what is true...
is that i absolutely, 100% adore being a mother. even in the difficult and exhausting moments 
that are a labor of love.
 i see them as just that, a labor of love...intent on showing my boys that i choose to die to myself daily and give all that i have.
i do prefer to be with my kids all the time and don't often feel the need for time away from them.
i am more comfortable being a mother than any other title i hold.
what is not true...
is that i do this "mother" thing perfectly 100% of the time.
i mess up...and have to ask my boys for forgiveness.
i can get tired and cranky just like the best of them,
and most of our days are pretty plain and simple.

what is true...
is that i am incredibly blessed with an amazing husband, who loves and supports me completely.
he wants me to stay home with our kids just as much as i want to, and is also willing to make sacrifices so that this can happen.
he is my best friend in the whole world and quite frankly, doing life with him is easy.
what is not true...
is that we agree on absolutely everything or that we never have any conflict.
our relationship is in a constant state of being refined and sharpened, and this isn't always easy.
worth it, yes, but not always comfortable.

what is true...
is that i love pretty things and am drawn to the beauty around me.
i absolutely love making my home an inviting place of refuge for not only my family, but for anyone that comes through the door.
i love creating things and being inspired to continually add beauty to our lives.
what is not true...
is that my home always looks pretty.
in fact, you could say my house is fairly messy, ohhhhh, 80% of the time...
there is almost always folded laundry on my table, toys blanketing the floor, and dishes in my sink.
and i would be lying if i said this bothered me, because it doesn't.
i am fully content to live in clutter most of the time...
my husband, not so much. ;)

what is true...
is that i am trying my hardest to offer my family the most natural choices through what we eat, how active we are, how we approach health and wellness as a whole...
 what is not true...
is that we never cheat with a drive through meal from time to time,
or i never indulge in the occasional ice cream and french fry craving.
donuts are a favorite weekend treat and i just might give my kids fruit snacks every once in a while.

all in all, i would say my life is pretty perfect.
but not in the no struggles, never messy,  never have a rough day kind of way...
more in the, i wouldn't change a thing, i feel incredibly blessed beyond measure, and am humbled daily by God's grace kind of way.


  1. If we were perfect we didn't need God. The fact that we aren't makes that our connection with him and with each other are way more meaningful :)

  2. Perfect is boring! ;) I think the fact the we can admit that we have imperfections and need help sometimes makes us more reachable, more approachable, and just more real. I love that about your blog. You do not pretend to be someone you are not. I love that the friendship we are developing is true and I can talk about the messy in my life and vice versa and there is no judging just understanding. Love ya bunches sweet friend!! xoxoxo

    1. I totally agree friend!!! you are always so kind to me...and i am BEYOND thankful for the open, honest, nonjudgmental friendship we have!! much, much love!!! xoxoxox