Friday, January 31, 2014

project 356: day 25 - 31

saturday, day 25
:: building things, army guys and super heroes...three of kale's favorites all in one place ::

sunday, day 26
::  wearing capes and saving the day ::

monday, day 27
:: this kid. he is the sweetest thing ever...even when battling a fierce cold :: 

tuesday, day 28
:: thanks to our trusty essential oils, we are battling some icky colds. breathe, eucalyptus and frankincense are some of our favorite go-to's ::

wednesday, day 29
:: little baby hands. they make me swoon. ::

(i am including two on this day...i couldn't help myself)
thursday, day 30
:: my madden is learning how to play the matching of his new birthday presents ::

(another two picture day :))
friday, day 31
:: clementines...the boys favorite snack, hands down ::

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