Friday, January 3, 2014

rest. 2014.

for the past several years, i have picked a single word to serve as a banner over my year.

last year's word was consistency.
i wanted to be disciplined to be consistent in various areas of my life.
to follow through.
to run my race with perseverance.
to be faithful in the responsibilities laid before me.
having this banner over my year focused me.
strengthened me.

this year, my word came quickly.
within the first few minutes of sitting and meditating on the year that lies ahead.

my word: rest.

to rest means to: 
cease motion, work or activity.
to be at peace or ease; tranquil.
to remain temporarily still or quiet.
to be supported or based.
to be fixed or directed on something.
to remain; linger.

i desire to be more still in life. to be purposefully still.
to be quiet enough to see all the love around me in even the smallest of moments.
to remain in the presence of my God, even when the demands of life seem to distract.
i desire to be fixed on what has eternal value.
to be at peace with all that life brings, knowing my God is sovereign.
i want to quiet my mind and heart so i am able to live life more fully.


i also came across this fun list on emily's blog and thought it would be fun to fill out.

BAD HABIT TO BREAK // leaving tasks unfinished. boy do i get distracted or lose interest easily. this must change. :)

NEW SKILL TO LEARN // i know the very basics of sewing; enough to make some pillow slip covers or simple curtains. but i would love to grow this skill. learn some new techniques. maybe even dabble in quilting.

PERSON TO BE LIKE  // i have always been most comfortable in my own skin and am proud of who i am, quirks and all. i will say this, i am challenged by all the brave bloggers, who so willingly and beautifully share their stories. i want to be brave in this area as well.

GOOD DEED TO DO // find somewhere to begin volunteering as a family. i have always wanted my boys to grow up with "serving others" as a way of life. 

PLACE TO VISIT // the woods. we have decided to take the boys camping for the first time this spring. i get giddy as i think about us all snuggling into a tent together, skipping rocks on the river, hiking through the woods, singing and laughing by a campfire...watching my boys come alive in nature.

BOOK TO READ // Nurturing Adoptions, by Deborah Gray.

LETTER TO WRITE // i started letters to each of my boys during their first year and because of my bad habit listed at the top, i have yet to finish them. i will finish them this year, though.

FOOD TO TRY // sushi.

DO BETTER AT // being still, in a purposeful way.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

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