Thursday, February 20, 2014

a name for our girl.

each of our children's names has simply been given to us.

we would look up lists of names, each of us offering suggestions, all the while dreaming of who this little one would be.

early on in this pregnancy, it was very clear that God gave us the name Ellis. the minute we heard it, we knew that this was who this little person was. we both had such a strong peace about it.

Ellis is a hebrew name meaning, the Lord is my God, and in greek means, Jehovah is God.

we absolutely loved this! God is continually doing a great work in our hearts, confirming His sovereignty and deity to us daily. this name encapsulates all of that.

however...we only thought of this name in terms of having a boy and since we had three boys prior, it made sense. girl names were always harder for us to come up with.

well come sonogram day, we found out that we were indeed having a girl! and for a moment, the name Ellis went out the window.

we set about searching through girl names, making new lists and hoping one would just grab us.
well not only did nothing grab us, but we were extremely unsettled about every single name...i started getting a little distressed. naming our children had never been this difficult or uncomfortable. we never disagreed so much on names before either. NONE of the names were our girl.

we decided to just let it go, not think about it for a while, and pray individually about who this person was to be.

and then one night, i had two separate dreams about our girl and her name...Ellis.
i woke up with a distinct peace, as if God was whispering, "I already gave you her name. our girl is Ellis." i knew right then.

initially ricky was pretty opposed to naming a girl Ellis, so i decided to wait a few days before sharing my revelation. he was a little unsure at first, but then one afternoon, his heart settled on the name as well. and from that moment forward, Ellis she was.

ricky picked the name Rose for her middle name. it has always been his favorite girl name and he already has plans on his own little endearment for her being Rosie. 

it obviously is a flower but in Latin it has the meaning, God's gracious gift, and as all chidden are, she is most definitely our gift.

so there you have it, Ellis Rose.

we have talked about calling her Ellis, Elle, Ellie, Ella, or even Ella Rose. Not sure yet on this might not come to us until i see her little face. or then again, i may just call her all of them. haha. i have a tendency to use little nicknames/endearments A LOT with my children. :) I would love to know what you guys think! 

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  1. I love that name! I love "vintage" names like Rose! When we thought we were getting a girl (way back before our first adoption came through) her name was going to be Cora Jean. Ellis Rose is pretty, but sounds strong. Reminds me of Steel Magnolias!

    1. Aw thanks, Meg!! I think it is pretty, but strong as well!! :) I love your girl name idea!!

  2. What about Elise??

    1. Elise is pretty, but we are definitely sold on Ellis!!! we love it for our sweet girl!

  3. Hi! I came by Babies & Beyond. What a beautiful name! Names are so important, aren't they, and it's so special when they're given to us. For our one-year-old son, we were going to name him Charlie forever. Then oneday I had a dream where I gave birth and called him Charlie, but it didn't fit. It felt wrong. I woke up in the morning and told my husband, he said he'd been going off it himself. We lay there for awhile and then, just in my head like a pop, the name Josiah occurred. And that was that. We love it, and it suits him so much. It means "God saves". Now, we have a name for our baby girl due in July!

    1. Hi Sarah! I'm so glad you stopped by and thank you! Names and their meanings have always been significant for us, so it is so special when you hear from the Lord as to who that new little person is to be. I love your story about your son...Josiah is such a strong name! And congrats about your sweet girl!! We are do the very beginning of July as well...yay for summer babies! :) I will have to check back at your blog to see what name you guys give her. ;) blessings! xo.