Friday, February 21, 2014

project 365: day 46 - 52

:: saturday, day 46 ::
fresh fruit at our local farmers market

:: sunday, day 47 ::
took some 3year pics of my #3

:: monday, day 48 ::
i often sneak in to check on my babies while they are sleeping.
there is not much sweeter than their peaceful innocence. 

:: tuesday, day 49 ::
T discovering sand for the first time. 
and i had to include the second picture even though i didn't take sweet K brought me the prettiest basket of flowers while playing at the children's museum. his sweetness blesses this mama daily.

:: wednesday, day 50 ::
fresh, homemade black bean hummus with homemade gorilla chips

:: thursday, day 51 ::
spent the morning making a batch of elderberry syrup and fresh laundry detergent.

:: friday, day 52 ::
(iphone pic)
got this sweet boy a new carseat. he approves.

linking up with Jess, from this analogue adventure.


  1. I love farmer markets! But my favorite Pic is your sleeping baby ;) he is such a cutie :)

    1. Hi Nicole!! Aren't sleeping babies just the sweetest?!?! :) Thanks for stopping by!!

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  3. Lovely photos! That fruit looks delish :)