Wednesday, March 26, 2014

keepin it real!

thought i would let you in on a few of my little secrets... ;)

like the fact that i didn't unpack my bags from our Florida trip until yesterday afternoon. a full week and a half after coming home! i unpacked everyone else the day after we got back, did laundry, put everything away, and for whatever reason, decided to continue living out of my suitcase for a little while longer.

or that i decided to stick with the whole "if you can't tone it, tan it" motto and sit out in my back yard several afternoons last week instead of exercise. i may not have burned any calories but it sure felt good to soak up those rays...oh so good!

i also just might have lived off of Kettle Salt and Vinegar chips and ice cream for an entire day last week. i know, AWFUL! but i just couldn't seem to help E gave me a salty AND sweet craving and i just had to indulge.

i definitely wore the same outfit for four days straight last week. no lie. i did wash it between days 2 and 3. :) sometimes when you're pregnant, you just land on these really comfy outfits that also happen to be cute and don't involve sweat pants. i'll probably wear it again this week. ;)

oh, the worst one might be that i kinda forgot about my anniversary until the night before. I mean, i totally knew it was coming...we had been talking about it all month since it was our big FIVE year. i think i just had a pregnancy brain moment and forgot what day i was living in until my husband walked in with flowers. its a good thing i have the best husband in the world. :)

i am also highly disappointed at myself for falling off the bandwagon with my project 365. i got sick one week and then we were out of town for a week and i just can't seem to get my butt back into gear. i am the absolute worst at following through with long-term commitments, but i really wanted to with  this one. rather than try to catch up, i might just have to start back fresh...we'll see.

and last but not least, i have a huge crush on the new Eric and Jessie show on E!. like i'm pretty sure she and i would be BFF's in real life. hehe.

i hope you guys are having a wonderful wednesday! its a gloomy day over here and we all have little colds, so lots of snuggles and netflix over here today.

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  1. Oh man, hope it's a good day of snuggling - colds are not fun at all! Those chips are a culprit of mine too :) And, I bet that outfit looked just as cute the 4th day as it did the 1st!

  2. oh how honesty is refreshing! we all have our moments, days, or weeks! I have successfully fallen off the project 365 band wagon and finished two seasons of hart of dixie in record timing!
    i love you!

  3. i had every intention of starting that project this year. we're going into April and nothing on this front yet. sigh. and the tan it if you can't tone it motto, completely agree!