Thursday, March 6, 2014

memory keeper.

we are the mamas. the memory keepers for our little family.
we observe with more attention, feel the gravity of moments with more depth, and recognize significance with greater understanding.

more than anyone else in our children's lives, we are aware of their souls and sensitive to their growth.

i want to be able to look back on this season of our journey and be transported for a moment, to a memory.
to a season lived.
i want to remember...

the way madden always comes and snuggles with me for a good thirty minutes after each nap. he is a lover through and through and needs ample physical affection throughout the day. fills this mama heart right up.

that tobin still wakes up at least once every night. simply to snuggle. he transitioned himself to sleeping in his crib at night not too long ago. and even though he sleeps better this way, he still needs to know i am close and to have that time. the motion of the rocking chair going back and forth. the weight of his still body in my arms. the slow motion of his breathing. these will forever be etched in my mind.

the way kale leaves traces of babyhood behind more and more each day. he dresses himself, wants to make his own lunches, and is so eager to please. i caught him on the couch the other day, curled up with one of my crocheted blankets and his "bear" tight in his arms. he and "bear" have been best friends since kale was a few months old, going everywhere together. most days bear is left behind, only to be scooped up again at night. but not this day...on this day, kale needed him close.

the way madden walked right up next to me while i was laying on the couch sick the other day. he started singing one of the lullabies i have sung to him since birth. i completely melted...and shed a few tears.

tobin's pure, consuming laugh. this boy is happy 99.9% of the time. ricky and i call him our little shadow, because if he isn't being held by one of us, he is following close behind, taking in our every move and smiling all the while.

that kale likes to break words down into their syllables. he just all the sudden started doing it one day. it started with the word "astronaut" and has expand to all kinds of larger words. he will come up to one of us and have us repeat each syllable. i'm pretty sure madden has learned multiple new words by kale having him repeat them this way.

the way playing a game as a family is becoming an evening tradition for us. sometimes it is all of us, and sometimes it is just me with the older two, or ricky with them. but we always sit down after dinner, pull out a game and play a few rounds. i hope the boys continue wanting to do this for a very long time. :)

**all of the pictures are from this last summer. i kinda took a trip down memory lane to a sunnier, warmer time. wink.


  1. Love these photos! And the new layout too!

  2. This is beautiful - everything about it! And, those memories - you'll treasure them forever. Ahh, makes me a little sad to think they pass so quickly!

    1. Thank you, friend!! they do pass so so quickly, like a mere vapor...I think that is why I treasure the memories so much...they are with me forever. :) xo.

  3. I love this!!! You have such a way with words. And those boys of yours are just adorable!! Love you sweetie!! xoxoxo