Monday, April 28, 2014

30 weeks!

baby girl is 30 weeks now and as every one that i came in contact this last week has said, she has definitely "popped" on out there. :) and indeed she has!

every day is one day closer to getting to meet my sweet girl, and while a part of me wants to wish the days away, another part is soaking up every moment with her inside. i love the bond i share with my babies when they are still connected to a way, it is just me and her. we share everything and while everyone else is obviously aware of her existence, it is me who gets to feel every movement, carry her soul within the safety of my womb, and truly know the little person she is becoming. i know this probably sounds weird, but there is always a fleeting moment after each of my babies has been born that i miss them being inside of me...i miss when it was just me and them. but then i look down at the beauty in my arms and can't imagine what it was like without them staring back at me. :)

other than her obvious growth, there really isn't a whole lot new going on with the pregnancy. as i mentioned in my last post, we have switched from a birth center birth to a home birth, so i have been doing lots of thinking, praying, video watching, and music listening in preparation for that time. i get those giddy butterflies in my stomach when i think about it. 

i have had a harder time fitting exercise in lately which i need to remedy stat! when ricky is home in the evenings is when i usually try to fit it in, but the excitement of life with three little boys right now has me plumb worn out by the time the evenings roll around. as of late, i have been opting for the "sit on the couch and zone out" kind of night. :) i'm hoping to set into motion a renewed commitment to exercising this week!

before i go try to kick my butt into gear, 
and here are a few of my favorite home birth videos for your viewing pleasure...if you enjoy that kind of thing, of course. ;) i for one, can't seem to get enough! (and most definitely cried in every single one ;))


  1. Awwww -- you look radiant! So awesome that you are keeping in shape during your pregnancy, too. Go girl! :)

  2. You look beautiful, Katie!! So healthy and fit, even if you feel you aren't exercising enough. :) I have no doubt that wrangling those three beautiful boys is more than an adequate workout. Praying for you today! Encouraged by your beautiful words about pregnancy. :)

  3. You look amazing! Love that dress. Encouraged by your words about pregnancy and what it feels like to carry your child.

  4. I have this dress in lilac and mint, love it. You look glowing for sure :)

  5. Hello! I love your blog... elizabeth from all kind of things sent me over. You look amazing... cutest pregnant girl! I think we are due right around the same time :)