Friday, June 20, 2014

feathering my nest.

nesting has taken on an entirely different depth this time around for me.

for my other three babies, i definitely experienced that rush of adrenaline as i created a space in our home for our newest addition. i would dream, change things in our home, make sure everything we needed was ready for our baby, do some deep cleaning...i would simply invest a little extra attention to making our home one of peace and comfort.

however, all of this was geared towards life after we brought the baby home. never towards creating a space to actually birth my baby. a space to go through my entire labor process. a space to bring life into this world, into our lives.

feathering my nest looks different this time around.

knowing that i will spend the majority of my labor and delivery process in our bedroom, i have spent hours dreaming in this space. preparing myself spiritually, emotionally and physically to look into the face of my girl for the first time. i have let music fill the air, drinking in the euphoria of creating a space filled with joy and strength and beauty.

there is already such a deepened sense of intimacy knowing we will be in the comfort of our own home for the first precious moments after Ellis's birth. i am overwhelmed with thoughts of the peace and purity that will be present to welcome her very first cries.

yes, while feathering my nest has still involved the typical preparation of cleaning, decorating, and making sure everything is in order, it has gone beyond that to involve the spiritual act of preparing to give birth.

my heart and nest are ready.

ready to welcome my girl, my heart.


  1. I'm so excited for you to meet your little girl!!!!

  2. So excited for you and thinking of you as you prepare!