Wednesday, August 21, 2013

so long summer.

it is that time of year again.

the close of one season and the beginning of another.
the epitomy of bitter sweetness.

we have kissed ricky goodbye as he starts another football season,
and the boys and i are slowly getting back into a routine of just a mama and her little ones.

while we are sad to see our summer...and with that, our favorite guy...
sail off into the sunset,
we are so very excited for the adventures that a new season brings.

i find this tendency in me to feel as if each season of life is my favorite.
there may be moments within each season that are difficult or trying, or push me to rely that much deeper on my Savior's Strength,

but all in all,
each is my favorite.

so long dear summer.
we enjoyed you more than ever and look forward to your return.
you brought rest and peace and change and growth.
you offered us a sanctuary of quiet and provision.
we basked in your light and savored every moment.

but for now, we must bid you farewell and welcome the new.
a season of sacrifice, and of independence.
a season of new graces and daily proof that our God's strength is 
far more perfect than ours. 

as a family, we will continue to move forward into all that God lays before us with 
HOPE and a deepened sense of gratitude for His faithfulness.

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