Tuesday, August 20, 2013

to run.

running has become an integral part of my life lately.

and i am completely in love.

i have gone through seasons before where i run consistently, but nothing like this.

i made the decision several weeks ago to train for my first half marathon.

the longest distance i will have ever run.

i have pushed myself harder than ever before...

running has become highly spiritual for me.

it is a time to quiet my thoughts.
feel my way through pain.
practice endurance.

more than for me, though, running is now for my boys.

it is a time to model perseverance, fight and determination.

it is a time to show them that no matter what, you always finish what you set out to do.

even if its hard.
even if you feel like quitting.

it is a time to show them that life involves pain.

that strength and courage and character are all made more perfect through pain.

my greatest running highs come in the midst of my most difficult runs.

i am raising little men.

and warriors they will be.

i run for them.

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