Thursday, August 22, 2013

the beginnings of a family. part 1.

it all began one beautiful summer.

i was working at a restaurant to earn some extra cash before starting grad school.
and he was working there as well before heading back to start his junior year of college.

we only overlapped working there for three weeks.

he asked me for gum one day, but i didn't have any.
i made sure to bring some the following day...just in case he asked again.
he did.

we hung out one night a few days later...
and then every night after that until he left for school.

although different in so many ways, we connected on a soulful level almost immediately.

he says he was watching me a week after we met, and knew in his heart that i was going to be his wife.

we fell in love quickly.
became best friends instantly.
felt as if we had been soul mates forever.

fast forward a few months, we each finished our fall semesters and found ourselves closer than ever.
even talking about marriage.
we knew we wanted to, it was only a matter of when.

in early january we would discover some news that would change our lives forever.
meld our hearts together permanently and teach us about grace in the deepest of ways.


stay tuned for part 2!!

(( the fall after we met...i apologize for the awful picture quality!! ))


  1. I just love this... your whole story is just so darn sweet! What a lovely life the two of you have built :)

    1. Thank you so much sweet girl!! A day doesn't go by that we aren't incredibly grateful! xo.