Friday, August 23, 2013

the beginnings of a family. part 3.

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every story looks different.

sometimes girls and women find themselves in the same position as me,
but much younger, maybe even still in high school,
or without the father of the baby,
maybe without any family support at all,
scared and alone and overwhelmed by the crazy mix of emotions.

whatever the situation, HOPE and PEACE are available to all.

where things seem impossible there is always a way.

i have come out on the other end of my experience stronger and healthier, 
with more love than i ever thought possible.

but this does NOT mean that it was always easy, 
or pretty,
 or without EXTREMELY DIFFICULT moments.

because it wasn't.

life is not at all free of pain and struggles.

every one faces them at some point, in one way or another.

and it is how we handle them that determines who we are and who we will become.

know this, you are not alone.
there are organizations everywhere that are available to help women and girls in similar situations and i would love to be the first to encourage you and support you and point you in whatever direction you need as far as resources go.

and most of all, if you do not know this God that i talk about, please, please ask.
i would love to tell you about Him.
He changed my life.

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  1. Beautiful Blog my friend! Your story is special and should be shared for all to read. Love you!