Monday, September 16, 2013

a shot of essential oils, please.

i have always felt like mama's should not be allowed to be sick.

i mean, you are never truly afforded the time it takes to rest and simply must go on.
but alas, such is not the case.

a few years ago, i found myself pretty much bed-ridden with pneumonia from what started out as a seemingly innocent summer cold.

i fully believe that had i approached that initial cold differently, i may have been able to avoid getting as sick as i did.
but, i had two little ones under the age of two and my husband had just started two-a-days with the football team he worked with.
so long story short, i did not take care of myself well at all in an attempt to take care of everyone else.

two years and some essential oils later, i now approach not only my family's health completely differently, but mine as well.

a key to reaping the most benefit from your essential oils, is beginning to use them the minute you start to feel sick and to be aggressive with attacking the illness.

while there are a variety of ways to take EO's, a common way is internally with the "shot glass" method.

you simply fill a shot glass with 1 to 2 ounces of water and then add your oils.
the oils you choose to use, and the amounts, will vary based on the person and specific health need.

another option is to fill a veggie capsule (you can find them here) with your oils of choice and then swallow that. 
individuals who have a hard time tolerating the more "hot" oils (such as oregano and cinnamon) may prefer this method.


//  here are some common ways to take EO's in a shot glass  //

allergy shot // mix 2-3 drops of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint. (it is beneficial to start doing this even before symptoms start to occur and then take as often as necessary until symptoms cease)

everyday (immune booster) shot // DDR prime oil. (blend of Frankincense, Wild Orange, Lemongrass, Thyme, Summer Savory, Clove, Niaouli)...great for supports healthy cell proliferation and lifespan)

flu shot // Oregano, On Guard, Thyme, Wild Orange and Frankincense. a specific combination that works great is: 3 Oregano, 5 On Guard, 5 Melaleuca, and 5 Lemon (take every 3-4 hours until you start to feel better). some other great recommendations for the flu can be found here.

immunity booster shot // 3 drops of Lemon and On Guard daily.

mouth and gum related issues // 2 drops Myrrh, 2 drops Clove, 1 drop Lavender or Peppermint. swish for up to 10min. and then spit out. 3 drops of On Guard can be used as a mouthwash. 

nasal congestion shot // 4-5 drops of Lemon.

sore throat shot // 3 drops of Lemon and 1 drop of Oregano. Another combination for a slightly less-mild sore throat is 2 drops Lemon and 2 drops On Guard.  you can also apply 2-3 drops Lavender topically to the throat at the initial signs of a sore throat.

toothache // 2 drops On Guard, 2 drops Clove and 1 drop Melaleuca. swish for up to 10min. and then spit.

tummy/digestive issue shot // 2 drops DigestZen, Peppermint and Ginger. If DigestZen is not available, consider using Coriander, Fennel, Ginger and/or Peppermint. 

please feel free to email me at thelaneabove{at}gmail{dot}com with any questions about doTERRA essential oils specifically. 

 the post was inspired by healing with essential oils and my own personal experience with the majority of these "shots."


  1. Hey girl, thanks for stopping by the other day. I think we would be 'real life' friends too, haha. :) We used gripe water when my son was younger..I cant remember what the ingredients are or if they were any type of essential oil but it was supposed to be all natural. I prefer all natural whenever possible, but all the research can be exhausting so this is helpful!

    1. Yes! the research can be so exhausting. :) I love finding natural alternatives to things if at all possible and learning about using the essential oils is the newest journey I have been most excited about! Hope you and your little one are having a wonderful week!! thanks for stopping by. :)