Monday, September 2, 2013

as a mother...

i think the fact that mothers all mother differently is beautiful.

and the way that most mothers instinctively know what is best for their family astounds me.

rather than try to conform to the way i see other mothers caring for their little people, 
or be prideful enough to think that others ought to be mothering the same as me,
i choose to celebrate the differences.

to learn from others.
to find strength from those who are similar to me.
and to respect those who are different.

as mothers, we are all woven together by the common threads of a fiercely enlightening and unconditional love.

 so that we might glean grace and strength and encouragement to live true to our calling.
to love sacrificially and relentlessly.

i am empowered by all mothers striving to love in such a way, 
even if that looks different from me.

as a mother, i evolve daily and become more and more comfortable in my own "mother skin."


for me, "crying it out" was never something i was comfortable with.

for me, allowing my baby to nurse whenever for however long he wanted felt right.
exclusively breastfeeding as long as possible is what i chose.
i love letting my babies sooth by nursing.

for me, sharing my bed with my babies is completely natural.
having them close to my heart, hearing them breathe all night long, 
feeling them curl into me is what i want.

for me, using cloth diapers has worked for some seasons and not for others and i am ok with this.

for me, i could hold or wear my baby all day, every day and never tire of it.

for me, standing in the kitchen while drinking a hot drink, taking pictures of my babies or running with them is enough to refuel me.
i do not find myself needing time away from them in order to do this.
i find myself missing them even when they are with me.

for me, forming strong and secure attachments is top priority.

for me, natural childbirth is empowering and beautiful and addicting.

for me, i am as passionate about growing my family through adoption as i am through bearing children.

for me, schedules do not come naturally.
although i try to create a semblance of one because my oldest thrives with structure.

for me, i choose to use holistic healing methods before resorting to modern medicine.
i have respect for both.

for me, fostering my child's emotional intelligence is equally, if not more important to me as fostering their cognitive intelligence.

for me, not having it all together makes sense. 
i am a work in progress as a person and as a mother.
i don't beat myself up for the ways i mess up, but rather learn from those moments and allow my boys to see my humanness.
to see my desire to always grow.

this is me as a mother.

and i celebrate each and every mother who walks boldly in who she is, 
trusting her instincts and loving humbly.


  1. So true, I had to realize I couldn't conform to what those around me were doing, or compare, because every mom, baby and situation is different. I'm trying to learn how to trust my instincts!


    1. so glad you are trusting your mama instincts!! thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  2. Love when momma's can be secure in how God calls them to parent their own children and not be concerned about how others choose to! Sweet pics of your babes and I love that Ikea rug!:)

  3. beautiful post. thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I am not a mom yet, but I hope to become one some day!

    visiting from Casey's blog :)

    Blessings and have a great weekend!


  4. As mothers, we don't have to be the expert on all babies, but we are the expert on OUR babies. Sounds like you're doing an amazing job, mama!

  5. thank you so much for your sweet comments and for stopping by!! blessed me greatly. :)