Sunday, September 8, 2013


(( loving this idea that i see floating around blog land ))

reading: Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn and Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp...
 and about three others.
i always have quite the list of books i am wading through.

feeling: peaceful. content. happy.
all of my boys are tucked away in their beds and sleeping soundly and the hubby is next to me watching football film.
all is right in my world.

drinking: a big glass of water with some lime squeezed in.
i ran nine miles this morning and while i usually drink a lot of water throughout my days, i can't seem to get enough on the days of my long runs.

remembering: each of my boys as they entered the crawling phase. 
my youngest has just started crawling everywhere and as i watched him crawl with pure, unbridled joy to his daddy tonight, i had sweet flashbacks of each of my boys at this phase.
the mental images are vivid.
arms full of rolls, smiles that flood their faces and eyes that shine of pride over their new found skill.
i melt.

dreaming: about having a little piece of land to call our own.
nothing big. 
just a few acres where the boys could roam free, i could have some chickens and goats and a garden, and where quiet and simple is a way of life.

thinking: about parenting.
and how i am most concerned with my boys hearts.
above all else, i want their hearts to know Truth.

listening: to the soft hum of the dryer and a football game in the background.
during football season, sports are the only thing to grace our television.
only seems right. :)

starting: to delve even deeper into the world of essential oils.
and LOVING it.
only wish i had become a user much earlier.

wishing: i could be on a beach somewhere.
if you were to ask me at any given moment where i would be if i could be anywhere, it would hands down be a beach.
every time.

smelling: an essential oil called Past Tense from doTERRA.
i just put it on the back of my neck and forehead and it smells divine.
does wonders for relaxing and relieving tension.

planning: our meals for the week.
never my favorite thing to do, but it must be done.

anticipating: my oldest's birthday this weekend.
my heart could burst with all the excitement i have inside.
i absolutely love to celebrate my boys. brings me more joy than i know what to do with.

loving: evenings with the husband.
he is my best friend and quality time is his love language.

have a splendid week, lovelies!


  1. What kind of camera and photo editing do you use? Your pictures are beautiful!

    1. You are so sweet! I am most definitely an amateur, but I use a canon rebel xs and then I use a 50mm, 0.45m/1.5ft lens the majority of the time. For editing, I honestly just use the picture editing program that comes on a mac. I would love to figure out photoshop someday, but this has been working for me for now. :)