Monday, September 9, 2013

running and joint pain.

so i am in the process of training for my very first 1/2 marathon!
i have always been active and loved running, but have only run short races and in sprint triathlons up to this point.

one of my SIL's asked if i wanted to run a 1/2 with her this fall and since i'm actually not pregnant right now ;), I decided to give it a go!

what i was not expecting is how much i would fall IN LOVE with running long distances.
i find myself looking forward to each run.
they are sweet moments where i am able to push myself physically, process emotionally and practice endurance mentally.

running is highly spiritual for me.
i feel more alive in these moments...more spiritually aware...more at peace.

i am most definitely attached.
and don't see myself ever stopping.

as i started working my way up to 8 and 9 miles, i started recognizing some joint pain and inflammation in my knees, and particularly in my left knee.

not only would it hurt during these runs, but i would have a mild irritation continue for several hours after and even on into the next day.

while it would eventually work its way out, i wanted to do whatever i could to prevent any real injury or the inflammation becoming chronic.

enter: the Deep Blue essential oil blend!

this stuff is AMAZING!!

Deep Blue is a blend of blue chamomile, blue tansy, camphor, helichrysum, osmanthus, 
peppermint and wintergreen.

not only does it smell amazing, but it is very effective for a variety of pains, 
such as arthritic pain, bruises, carpel tunnel, headaches, inflammation, joint pains, migraines, muscle pain, sprains and rheumatism...just to name a few.

i have just been using the oil, but doTERRA has an actual deep blue rub that i plan on trying for the rest of this training.

while i would highly recommend this oil blend for any inflammation or pain, these other oils are also anti-inflammatory superstars:
AromaTouch Massage Blend 
Peppermint (i have also personally had success with this one for joint pain!)
(( important: wintergreen and other hot oils should be diluted with a carrier oil 
before applying topically! ))

you can go to my doTERRA page for information on ordering Deep Blue or any others of the doTERRA products!



  1. Knee injuries are neither inevitable nor debilitating for runners. In fact, most knee pain from running is easily corrected if properly managed. Hilaria Holmon

    1. Thanks for sharing! Not only did the deep blue help with the inflammation that I had, but I have changed my running as well and seen great improvements! :)