Wednesday, September 4, 2013

getting real!

let's get real shall we. :)

laundry is hands down my nemesis. 
or should i say putting away the laundry. :)
i have no problems sorting, washing or even folding the laundry...however, for whatever reason, i completely stop here.
i have been known to let freshly cleaned and folded laundry sit in nice little piles for hours days before finally putting them away.
please tell me i am not the only one who does this!!

i am a firm advocate of putting something, anything, green in your smoothie 
if you are going to make one. 
however, every once in a while, i just have to rebel and make a straight fruit smoothie.
(i do try to at least add almond milk and flax or chia seed to make myself feel better 
about leaving out the "greens")

while i attempt to put meals in front of our family that fit into the clean/real food/plants based category, 
i have been known to serve the occasional frozen pizza or pb&j sandwich.
it happens.
what can i say. :)
(my top three guilty pleasures are chai tea from starbucks, french fries and 
ben and jerry's coffee/heath bar ice cream!!!)

nap times are typically reserved for doing something productive.
i feel kinda guilty if i don't take advantage of the time that all three boys are occupied.
but if i'm honest, some days i would rather sit and stare at a blank wall or zone out to New Girl.

i hate to admit this one, but with each new baby, i have become more and more 
lenient with the screen time.
i mean, with kale, i literally would not let him watch tv until he was 2years old.
and poor tobin, i'm pretty sure he could recite toy story and veggie tales right along with the rest of us!

the boys and i don't clean up the toy room everyday.
i sometimes sit and stare at it, and knowing full well it will look exactly the same not 30 minutes after they wake up the next morning, decide to leave it as is.

i read about five to six books at a time and have a hard time actually finishing any of them.
i'm not quite sure what this says about me.  
except that i think i have an attention disorder. ;)

it sure does feel good to be real.
thanks for letting me. 

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