Monday, October 14, 2013


i struggle sometimes with stepping out into something new.

i can come up with a thousand reasons why something won't work, or why i shouldn't try it, or why i shouldn't wast my time...for everything has already been done before by somebody else. and probably done better.

i am a dreamer by nature. a visionary. a big-picture person.

and yet, in my current season of life, i find that i am talking myself out of following those dreams more than telling myself to go for it.

this hesitation, cautious avoidance, tendency to hold back...
has taken me somewhat off guard.

it doesn't feel completely comfortable, and yet, i can't seem to shake it.

i want to be the person who steps out in faith...even if falling down a few times is inevitable.

i want to fight for the dreams placed in my heart and let passionate hope be my fuel.

i want to be brave and courageous, without faltering in my resolve.

the boys and i spent the better part of yesterday evening in our play room.
i decided to stand my youngest up behind one of our push toys and see if he would try to walk.

not only did he try.
but he fell down.
pulled back up.
fell down.
pulled back up.
took a step.
(we all cheered!)
took another step.
and another.
and another.
until he ended up clear at the other end of the room.

you would have thought he climbed mt. everest at the display of our cheers!

we clapped and yelled and laughed and told him how proud of him we were.

the thing that struck me the most as i sat and watched my little family rejoice with our boy,
was not the fact that he tried and tried until he succeeded.
or that he did not allow initial defeat to keep him from conquering his new skill.
while these were all great reminders and examples,
it was his sheer, unbridled, un-circumstantial JOY throughout the whole experience that struck me.

when he fell, he was full of joy.
when he struggled to pull back up, he was full of joy.
when the first step was shaky, he was full of joy.
when we all celebrated...he was full of joy.

this is what i am to emulate.

courage. bravery. determination.
all laced with hope and joy.

i am humbled to be learning from such innocence. 

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  1. I seriously Love this post! It's like you took the thoughts right out of my head. I think we may be soul sisters! ;) I feel like it is okay to be afraid as long as we don't let it hold us back from living out our dreams. xoxoxo

    1. soul sisters indeed!!!! and i completely agree...working hard every day to live out my dreams!!! thank you so much for your sweet words friend!! xoxo

  2. What a beautiful post that is both family related and encouraging everyone to never give up and enjoy each moment, even the struggles. What a great read to start my morning, thank you!!!

    1. thank you so much for your sweet words, beth...blessed me greatly!!! and thank you for stopping by!! xoxo

  3. Awesome lady! Love it!! We learn so much from the littles ones we are trying to teach!!

    1. awww, thanks so much for stopping by!!! you are so right!! xoxo