Friday, October 11, 2013

embrace the camera!

embrace the camera is hosted by these two lovely ladies, ashley and emily!

i was super excited to participate in a challenge they put forth this week to: "embrace the camera" every day with a different prompt.

the whole purpose of the movement is to encourage others to get in front of the camera..."A way to come together as moms and challenge each other to let go of insecurities and 
get in front of the camera with our kids."


that is a big word that i am acquainted with on a much deeper level than i care to admit.

when it comes to pictures, they lie to me on a daily basis.

telling me things like,
"this picture will be much cuter with just the boys."
"no one wants to see you in a picture."
"you don't look good today, just stay behind the camera where it is safe."
"you actually are not that photogenic at all..."
and so on and so on.

ugly, horrible thoughts...lies really.

i chose this week to stop listening to those.
to push them aside and dispel them with truth.

i want my boys to see me exude confidence and a disregard for vanities.
i want them to see me place more value on my heart and soul than outward insecurities.
i want them to hear me speak truth about myself rather than lies.

i also want them to be able to look back and not only have distant memories of how i loved them through their growing years,
but to have tangible snapshots of me loving them.
of me laughing with them.
of me carrying them.
of me hugging me.
of me simply living life with them.

because that is what i do.
all day. every day.
i love them.

and i love the mother that God is fashioning me to be.
no make up, messy hair and all.

here are our five pictures with their prompts and the little snippet i included on instagram (@thelaneabove)!

day 1: "smiles"
a mama and her boys!!

day 2: "making memories"
i have special memories of wearing each of my boys. feeling their slow breathing, drinking in their delicious smells, enjoying them relax and melt into me. wearing my boys is one of life's greatest gifts.

day 3: "an everyday moment"
playing outside wiht my favorite spiderman and soldier. they always promise to keep me safe. i'm on lucky lady if you ask me!

day 4: "creative"
without me even knowing, my oldest decided to get creative with my camera phone, and i must say, i am in love with the moment he captured. "the hands are the instruments of man's intelligence." m.m.

day 5: "faces"
it is the final day of "embrace the camera." this has been such a fun week of capturing a photo a day with myself in the photos as well. memories i will treasure forever. so thankful for this challenge and excited to continue including myself in our snapshots of life.


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