Monday, February 17, 2014

20 weeks // currently, pregnancy edition

in lieu of my 20 week post, i thought i would do a "currently" update, all pregnancy related.
i am over the moon to be half way closer to meeting my girl.

Drinking Dandy Blend with coconut milk. i have replaced my morning coffee with this delightful beverage of choice. it is packed full of nutrients, has amazing health benefits for my liver, and is caffeine free. a win all around. 

Feeling extremely blessed.
i don't deserve this much joy and love in my life. yet God abundantly and graciously showers me with his loving-kindness.

Appreciating my husband. he is getting me a treadmill so that i can continue exercising through this pregnancy without having to push all three boys (165lbs+) up and down hills every day.

Reading tutorials and patterns for making little girl stuff. rather than getting everything new for this little gem, i am having to get creative and start making things as well.
its a good thing i enjoy it. :) 

Watching my three boys cuddled on the couch with their daddy, each as close to him as they can possible be. 

Going to share the name God has given us for our girl very soon.

Starting to realize just how much a little girl is going to change and bless this family.
i can't wait to watch how each of my boys loves her.

Dreaming of carrying my girl for another 20 weeks (give or take a few...for me it is usually give) and then holding her in my arms for the first time.
i absolutely love being pregnant, but i love holding my new baby and feeling their warmth against my skin even more.

Waiting for my next midwife appointment, scheduled for this thursday. we are having our official sonogram, so i get to see my sweet baby again!

Praying that i will be intentional with my time and energy as this pregnancy continues to exhaust me at times. i want to be all here with my boys, even in the times when i need to slow down a bit.

Sleeping pretty good still. my hips are starting to ache a little at night as i can tell they are starting to stretch and make room. nothing that sleeping with a pillow between my legs won't help though.

Remembering every little detail of what it is like to feel your baby move inside you. 
it leaves me breathless, every time.

Wondering what my labor and delivery will be like this time. i'm kinda weird, but i love the birthing process, in all its pain and glory. this is the first time we are going to have a birth photographer/videographer and i am beyond thrilled to be able to have a glimpse into the experience once it is over.

Wearing my pj's (which are sweats and a t-shirt). ricky has off today so we are enjoying a slow morning.

Making plans for a trip to get some new maternity clothes. i am in need of some new jeans and maybe a few new dresses/skirts for the warmer weather that is just around the corner. other than that, i am pretty set from my previous pregnancies.

Getting a new treadmill. i know i mentioned this before, but i am seriously super excited!

Loving getting to watch my husband as he gets excited about a little girl. he will probably hate that i shared this, but he got pretty sentimental last night during a daddy/daughter moment in a show we were watching. i love it!

Enjoying my little family to the absolute fullest. i don't take a single moment with them for granted. these little years are but a vapor and i want to savor them all.

and because i want to always remember this moment, these pictures were taken by my oldest, my Kale. after ricky snapped a few "20 week" pictures of me, i took some 3yr pictures of Madden. in the middle of taking the pictures, Kale asked if he could take a few. i of course said yes, handed over the camera and then sat down. he wanted to take some of me. in each of the pictures he instructed me on what to do and my favorite of all is the top right...he told me to "hold your baby." swoon. 

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  1. Great post! I love the pictures your son took that is just sooo sweet! My son tries to take pictures but he's not quite able to yet! (except for the occasional accidental selfie on my phone!) Just found you through the "currently" link up!

    1. Thank you so much Rachel!! It has been so fun to watch my oldest play around with my camera and I am often amazed at what he captures. :) so fun that your little one tries to! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. You are so beautiful! I'm thrilled you are having a baby girl! I remember everyone telling me how having a girl is just different. It's true. Unexplainable but very good! Both are equally amazing! ! Excited for your growing family. :)

    1. Thank you, Krista!! I am so eager to experience the "different" that everyone talks about!! I know that this little gem is going to bless our family greatly! :)

  3. Love that sweet little baby belly! What a beautiful way to remember your half way point in this pregnancy. I love that you are making things for baby this time around, how fun and creative. Blankets? Clothes? Post some pictures and tutorials some time. I would love to see!
    Thanks for linking up! Mary//A Mama Collective

    1. I have enjoyed linking up with you guys and following "a mama collective"!! I just might have to consider a few of those tutorials...or at least some pictures ;) xo.

  4. Oh my gosh SO stinking sweet! Thank you so much for linking up with us... I've loved reading this. Brings me back down memory lane ;)

    1. Aw thank you, Jenna!! I have really enjoyed finding y'all and linking up!! xo.

  5. I've not seen you on Currently before. The pictures are great and you have a nice spirit about you.
    Congrats on your baby girl and your beautiful pictures.

    1. Hi Emily! This was my first time to link up! Thank you so much for your sweet words!! Blessings! xo.