Saturday, February 15, 2014

project 365: day 39 - 45

i am posting this a day late, but better late than never!
and this week, the majority of pictures happen to be from my iPhone. :)

:: saturday, day 39 ::
bananas for days

:: sunday, day 40 ::
my favorite people. all in one place.

:: monday, day 41 ::
(iphone pic)
charlotte's web. our lunch time reading material.
i have started reading to the boys while we sit and eat lunch together. it helps to start the winding down process before nap time rolls around. this is the first chapter book we have read and the boys are loving it! i am actually the most surprised with madden's interest and willingness to sit and listen.

:: tuesday, day 42 ::
(iphone pic)
i hit the 19 week and am so excited to be almost half way home to meeting my girl.
she sure is doing lots of growing because i have been extra tired lately.

:: wednesday, day 43 ::
more books, just because. most of the boys' favorites are in this one picture.

:: thursday, day 44 ::
(iphone pic)
my little buddy. this guy prefers to be held or at least touched 98% of every day.
he fills my love tank right up.

:: friday, day 45 ::
(iphone pic)
valentine's day! the boys helped me make these the morning of a valentine play date we were invited to. 
i want to remember forever the way Kale first started writing his name...and the fact that he wanted to sign them all for his friends. we filled the bags with cake pops and called it good. 
one of these days i will be a little more on top of things and get things done before the "morning of." ;)

:: saturday, day 46 ::
(iphone pic)
technically this one should be included in next weeks post, but because I didn't get around to posting until today, i thought i would include an extra one for fun!
my boys somehow find gum ball machines everywhere!
we went to the farmer's market for fruit and veggies, but since they each just so happened to have a quarter tucked away in their little pockets, gum it is!

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