Friday, February 7, 2014

five on friday!

so i may be cheating for my first "five on friday" link up with natasha, darci, christina, and april, and including six of my favorites.

i was gonna go with five randoms from our week, but in preparation for baby #4, i have been doing inventory on what we already have and what things we need to gather before baby arrives. this week, i just came up with a few of my favorite must haves that we are already set on! after three babies, i have realized just how little i really need in caring for a newborn/baby. as long as i have these few things, along with  few other necessities, i am good to go!

i actually have been very blessed to be able to breastfeed each of my babies for an extended period of time, but for the random occasion that i pump and leave the baby with ricky, etc., these bottles are my fav! they are BPA free and phthalate free, and made from thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass, meaning they can transition safely from freezer to boiling water. and of course my favorite aspect, the protective sleeve!! not only does it help my little ones grip it easier as they grow and are able to hold a bottle on their own, but definitely helps protect from the occasional drop. I also love the Dr. Browns glass bottles, which fit perfectly into these silicone sleeves as well.

my favorites to start with are the duo wrap diaper with the stay dry duo insert. as they grow, i also use the duo hemp prefold and the duo all in one diaper. their all in one diaper seriously fits my babies so well, is super trim and extremely absorbent. i use a few other brands as well just because i had purchased them and don't like things to go to waste, but these have by far been my favorite. and i'll be honest, i can't be considered an extreme "cloth diaper-er" because i still throw on disposables at night! my kids saturate themselves and i have yet to figure out how to keep them dry. any suggestions are very welcome!

i have only had this car seat for our #3 and now will use it for our #4 as well. to say i love this carseat is an understatement! i know it is a bit pricey, but is extremely well made and safe. i particularly love how up-right it sits in the car and the light leather is not only pretty :) but stays extremely cool and is very easy to clean.

love! love! love! their bamboo swaddles are my absolute favorite and i seriously use them for everything from swaddling to a nursing cover, a car seat cover and even a floor blanket. living in the south, having something to breathes is a must, especially when your baby is born in the summer! i found this tutorial on making your own gauze swaddle blankets, so plan on doing that as well for this next baby. also, i double swaddle my babies and while i sometimes double up the aden + anais blankets, i have actually found an extremely cheap blanket from walmart that i will use as the second blanket. It is amazing!! It has some nice stretch and holds really #3 had a few night hospital stay when he was 3months old and all the doctors/nurses kept commenting on my swaddling skills, saying i need to come teach the staff how to swaddle. :) and i don't think this is all credited to my skills, but more to the two types of blankets working together! 

hands down my favorite breastfeeding companion...other than baby of course. :) while i'm pretty sure i could survive without it, i'm not sure if i would want to! one of my all time favorites is to curl up on the couch and nurse my baby with the boppy's a world with no other demands  on my attention, i would stay there forever. :) (i will include the new boppy cover that i want in a "wish list" post.)

aaaaand, one more for good measure...

ok, so i could write an entire post on baby carriers and baby wearing in general, but that is for another time. i use everything from stretchy/woven wraps, to ring slings, to a seven sling, to the SSC's and i love them all for different reasons and different purposes. i chose to include the ERGO because if i absolutely had to pick ONE carrier that has been the most versatile and easy to use, it would be the ERGO. Ricky likes using it as well which is a huge plus! while i will no doubt continue getting tons of use out of the ERGO, one goal i have is to fall in love with wearing woven wraps more. i am just not hugely confident in using them, but want to be. 

xoxo, K.

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