Friday, February 7, 2014

project 365: day 32 - 38

:: saturday, day 32 ::
superheros and books, a few of our favorites. i always want to remember the affinity my boys had for super-heros...and their innate desire to fight evil with good.

:: sunday, day 33 ::
meal planning. learning to enjoy it! (instead of the cereal, we made gluten free oatmeal...working to eliminate ALL processed foods, even the ones that seem ok ;)...i heard someone say this last week, "if it has an ingredient list longer than one item, then it probably doesn't need to be consumed." of course this person was an extreme vegan/fruitarian, and while we will never eat that way completely, there is a lot of merit to the lifestyle and i want to continue moving in that direction.)

:: monday, day 34 ::
morning light. best friends. my heart.

:: tuesday, day 35 ::
bike riding in pj's. it has been super cold here lately, but we all go a little crazy if we don't venture outside every once in a while. 

 :: wednesday, day 36 ::
vegan banana muffins

:: thursday, day 37 ::
the absolute best vegan, gluten free enchiladas. the avocado/cilantro/lime sauce is divine.

:: friday, day 38 ::
about to make the switch from this to dandy blend.

linking up with jess


  1. Great pictures! All your pictures are so refreshing to look at :)


  2. That enchilada looks delicious! I am horrible at eating clean lately....I've definitely called off the wagon. I feel so much better when I eat better though, I need to get back to that. Thanks so much for linking up!

    1. Eating clean definitely feels AMAZING, but is not always the easiest thing to do at all!!! I have most definitely fallen off the band wagon from time to time! ;) Enjoyed linking up with y'all again!! xo.