Monday, February 10, 2014

learning about our little lady!

T H E   S T O R Y   O F   L E A R N I N G   O F   O U R   G I R L ,
our little taste of heaven.

so our little gender reveal moment was most definitely full of surprises!!

my actual sonogram is not scheduled until the 20th of this month, but when a sweet friend (who is a sonographer) heard this, she so generously offered to have me come up to her office to do a quick sonogram...just to take a peek. ;)

i ran in real quick, with all my guys waiting in the car...

if i am completely honest, i was almost certain that it would be another boy! my heart is so full with all things boy right now and i was eager to welcome another one...but always tucking away the little thought that a girl would be such a sweet taste of heaven.

my friend looked around for a bit...chasing my little baby as they moved and grooved. we couldn't stop laughing at how active she was. after what seemed like an eternity, my friend, said, "ok, i think i know,", "boy?"...she just shook her head and smiled, "girl"...and with all the shock and awe and wonder i possess, i sat dumbfounded!!

so many thoughts started racing through my head...i kept asking her if she was sure. haha.

part of me was filled with some fear...would i be a good mom for a girl? would i even know what to do with her? i have always had dreams, since i was a little girl, of experiencing that mother/daughter relationship. but now, in this moment, it left me a little scared. a little unsure of myself.

we looked at her some more. i fell in love with her little hands and her little feet. my heart stirred when she started sucking her thumb as she took a little break from all her wiggling. she stretched out her legs at one point, and all i could think, was "oh my gosh, those legs are so long!"

i was enraptured by her. in shock, yes. still sitting in disbelief, yes.
but completely enraptured. 

as soon as i got back in the car, i became even more giddy to see Ricky smile from ear to ear (with the same level of shock, of course) and the boys cheer in excitement. we immediately began dreaming of her. dreaming of her story, her little personality, her purpose in this world. i may or may not have started planning her room in my head and envisioning her little look. 

our hearts embraced her fully, loving her deeply and anticipating the day we get to look into her eyes for the very first time.

we are smitten with you baby girl. smitten and in love. xoxo.


  1. You will no doubt be as wonderful a mom to a little girl as you are to your boys! It will be different I'm sure, but you will absolutely love it! Little girls are amazing (in my experience thus far) and so fun. My livy loves all things girl (I was a Tom boy), she loves pink, painted nails, princesses, tea parties and dress up! You will have so much fun! I am so excited for your new adventure in parenting!

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Tracy!! I am pretty excited to experience all things "girl" and to have that mother/daughter relationship!! I am so interested to see what she is like...if she is completely girly like your Livy or if she has a flare of tom boy in her :) we shall see! I am excited for you as well, as you add another little gem to your brood!! xoxo.