Monday, March 17, 2014

24 weeks: currently.

thinking about: my oldest. being pregnant always causes me to go back and reminisce. my oldest is four now and with each passing day baby-hood is left farther and farther behind as he takes on being a boy. i must admit, he wears it well. our boys wander into our bed pretty frequently, but sometimes my husband and i will go scoop up one of the boys while they are fast asleep and bring them to bed to ourselves to snuggle with us. last night was one of those nights with our oldest. as he slept next to us, we both remembered...we remembered him as a newborn who slept on our chests more than anywhere else...him as a baby, when he was our only one...him as toddler, filling our days with his serious and fun-loving nature. i miss him pretty intensely all of those different stages. but i sure am smitten by the little boy i am getting to meet and experience during this new season. 

reading: i wish i could say something good here, but if i am honest, reading seems to get pushed aside by so many other things right now. i do have multiple children's book memorized though. :) those i have tons of time to read. 

listening to: this song and this song on repeat. they both make me feel...i can't wait to introduce my sweet baby E to music. to the language of our souls. 

thankful for: my girl growing inside. for feeling her movements, her growth. for carrying her for these precious weeks and months. for the friendship we will have, for the life she will live. i am overwhelmed by it all...


  1. hi! stopped by from the link up. it surely is so sweet to remember your kiddos at their earliest stages. i still tell my almost 12 year old (gasp) how i used to rock him to sleep. such sweet memories!

  2. Hi I'm Amanda, followed the Currently Linkup to your post.

    Reading about your oldest brought tears to my eyes (good tears). I only have one right now, he's 9 months and while I cannot wait to see the boy he will become its hard watching him grow so quickly! Your words are beautiful.

  3. Hey! First time here, found you from the currently link up :) Im just one week behind you with my second babe, also a girl :) Thank you SO much for the introduction to those two amazing songs! Haven't heard either of those ladies before and I am in love!

  4. Love this post :) Your pictures are beautiful, and I'm so excited for your baby! What a wonderful blessing :) And I love that you are experiencing your oldest in a totally different/new way. That is seriously the best.. watching them grow right in front of you and treasuring all of those moments. ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

  5. You look amazing!
    I feel the same about my older son! I love the big boy he's growing into, but will always miss his earlier stages :)