Tuesday, March 4, 2014

madden, three years.

 madden turned three at the end of january.
he is a complete lover of people and lives life to the absolute fullest.
i learn form him daily.

you will be hard pressed to find a sweeter three year old than this one!
we are all pretty smitten.

 ( i couldn't do a post of madden without including one of him with his big brother, his best friend. they might be embarrassed that i shared this one day, but they walk around calling each other "honey" while they play. seriously, cutest thing ever...and total proof that boys can be rough and tumble, wild and free, and complete sweethearts at the same time. :) )


  1. He is precious!!! Happy birthday, sweet boy!

  2. He is so sweet!! Happy belated Birthday, Madden!