Monday, March 3, 2014

22 weeks!

we are sitting comfortably at 22 weeks right now. some days i feel like the weeks are flying by, and on others, i feel like they are creeeeeeping on ever so slowly and meeting my girl seems like a very distant dream. i am definitely more aware of sweet E, as you can see she has finally decided to stick herself out there. :) i am feeling her a lot more these days too. she moves the most at night, or at least it seems that way. i look forward to being able to lay still every evening to focus on feeling her, bonding with her sweet self, and communicating in our own little way. i have always felt like my babies and i have a strong connection in utero...even if there is a moment in my day that i start to worry, she moves around ever so slightly, just to let me know she's there. :) 

i am definitely carrying Ellis differently than i did the boys. even ricky can tell. :) with the boys, all i literally had was a baby belly, kinda like a basketball stuck under my shirt, but with E, the weight is distributed a little more "all over." i think it is so crazy how you truly can carry babies differently.

the most unpleasant part of this last week was an awful stomach bug that decided to linger for four whole days. stomach bugs while pregnant may be my least favorite thing EVER. thankfully it fell close to the weekend, so Ricky was able to be around to help for most of it. i'm not a big napper (usually because i have so many little tasks demanding my attention) but on saturday, i took two several hour long naps and still went to bed super early. my body was done and demanding rest!

the boys are still as sweet as ever with her...always wanting to give our girl kisses and snuggles.  baby E is one loved little lady.

all in all, we are chugging along quite nicely. 22 weeks down and +/- 18 to go! 

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