Tuesday, April 1, 2014

26 weeks

i meant to post my 26 week update yesterday, but the ole stomach flu decided to visit me again so i was a little preoccupied between going back and forth between the couch and the bathroom all day. it was awful to say the least. i am feeling much better today, but still only have the energy level of a sloth. 

baby girl is growing tons right now, and moving all the time. bonding with her and dreaming of her life is one of my favorite things.

i have been practicing yoga pretty frequently throughout this pregnancy, but that has definitely increased lately. it is one of those things that is usually hard for me to find the time to do, but i find myself looking to make the time. i feel the best combination of being relaxed and energized afterwards and the stillness of it all provides such sweet connection time with my girl.

there honestly isn't a whole lot changing right now. we are both healthy (other than the random stomach flu) and according to my midwives, everything is progressing very nicely.

here's to 26 weeks!

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  1. Hello! Returning your visit. :-) Congratulations on the baby! When are you due?