Tuesday, April 1, 2014

one on one time.

i had the sweet, sweet pleasure of some mommy and madden, one on one time over the weekend. being a mama of several little people is one of my favorite things in the world, and because of Ricky's schedule, the majority of the time, it is just me and my crew...all together, all the time. i love it. i love the constant activity, constant chatter, constant interactions with my people. i would rather have all my little chicks close by 100% of time.

the older they get, the more and more aware i am becoming of their need for special one on one time with momma. throughout the week, it is usually just for a quick errand, or 15 minutes of individualized play time, but i am trying to be more purposeful in creating windows of time alone with each of my chicks. Ricky and I have recently implemented a routine on the weekends to make this happen. on saturday morning, i get up and immediately whisk one of the boys away for a morning date, and on sunday mornings before church, Ricky takes one to get donuts, bringing back some for the rest of us of course ;) (donuts are our sunday morning pre-church tradition!).

these have quickly become a favorite moment of my week. sometimes they choose, sometimes i do. but whatever we do, it is focused, intentional quality time with my child. i know they need this with me, but i need this too. the window into your child's soul is opened in a different way when it is just you and them. this last saturday madden and i went to starbucks and had such a sweet time. my very active three year old sits still in a different way on these dates and gives me little treasures from his heart, nuggets of his personhood that i am focused and still enough to receive.

in these one on one moments, i simply sit, overwhelmed that this person was given to me to enjoy, to encourage, to train, to teach about love. i am honored, more than anything, to be their momma. 

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