Tuesday, April 15, 2014


so it seems i have taken an unexpected little break from blogging this last week.

our week and weekend was full of playdates, birthday parties, spring cleaning and a lot of simple quality fun together.

the boys are at the amazing age where their pretend play seems to be going on 24/7 so i have been trying to join in whenever i can...most of the time just to play the role that they give me and watch in awe as their little minds create.

i also did not manage to get a 28 week post up, but am indeed 28 weeks now, finally crossing over into the third trimester. i have an appointment with my midwives this week, so will try to get a post up after that. baby girl is doing so well though and moving all the time...feeling baby movements from the inside definitely goes on my top three favorite things in life list. it's pure bliss.

i decided to rearrange our entire living room and dining area yesterday...which means today i am so sore i can barely bend over. the first words out of ricky's mouth were: "why in the world would you do this by yourself. " and to be honest, i am not entirely sure. a moment of nesting and the desire to do some spring cleaning collided and i may have overdone things a bit. haha. oh well, i love the way things are arranged now and ricky did say he really likes it, even though he was pretty concerned that i moved all that furniture by myself. :)

we have a lot of potential change coming up in the next few months, so my mind has been consumed with planning and wondering and waiting. i am always excited for what the future holds, but can also tend to be anxious to start taking steps forward rather than wait patiently for the perfect timing of things.

until next time, a photo dump from this last week!


  1. At some point in my life I WILL own one of those tiny ponies!

  2. What lovely pictures and kids :) I moved some furniture during one of my pregnancies, too, and the husband was a little upset - about the work, not the arrangement, haha! Sometimes you just have to, though. Cannot wait to hear your update on that baby girl!