Monday, July 14, 2014

family fun activities: a link up!

hello everyone!
i feel like i have been m.i.a. from this little space for far too that we FINALLY have internet again i am hoping to get back into a blogging groove. :)

we are still waiting on our sweet girl to grace us with her presence.
i am just shy of 41 weeks and am trying my hardest to be patient, but am about to go crazy with the anticipation of it all!!

in the meantime, we have been filling up our time with lots of family fun activities and soaking up every bit of summer.
i've decided to share two of our top favorites this summer: splash pad/park fun and family games.
even though the texas summer heat can get pretty brutal, we try to be outside as much as possible and splash pads have become a favorite of ours this summer.
when the heat does get to be a bit unbearable, the boys are quick to want to play games...two of their favorites are Sequence for kids and Barnyard Uno.

i can't wait to see all of your fun family activities. don't forget to link up your posts below!


  1. So fun! Those games look like fun ones! Praying for you as I know you are ready to meet your lil one!

  2. Sequence!!! I love that game!