Tuesday, August 19, 2014

a portrait // vol. 1

i'm sure many of you have heard about the 52 project...
where people take a portrait of their children, once a week, every week for a year.

not only am i coming in rather late, but i will also probably only post sporadically, since, lets be honest, thats how i seem to roll these days. ;)


// a weekly portrait //

 kale // you love to wear anything super-hero related. even if it means wearing pajama shirts that are two sizes too small because they make you feel strong and "hero-like." i love this about you.
you also love building and creating things. in this picture, you were securing a rope from one side of the playroom, to the other, using variety of different toys and knots that i didn't even know you knew how to tie. the rope was for your ninja turtle to swing across. 

madden // i never even try to keep you clean while you are outside...getting dirty and exploring the earth around you is one of the places you are most comfortable. your creative juices start flowing and you start imagining adventures for you and your brothers to go on together. i'm pretty sure you fought off some bears on this particular day. i hope you never lose your wild and free spirit.

tobin // in order to survive the summer heat, any outdoor play usually involves water and "pop-ices"...two of your favorite things. i still have to keep you as clothed as possible because of your eczema and dry skin...if not, you would sit and scratch yourself non-stop. it breaks my heart for you, baby boy. and i pray every day that you outgrow it or are completely healed. for now, though, you are quite the trooper and one tough cookie. 

ellis // you are yawning the cutest little yawn as you are being drenched in the morning light.
i love mornings with you. you are always so bright-eyed and content.
i get asked by almost everyone how "we" (you and I) are sleeping as you are just now four weeks old. and my response every time is that we are sleeping great. and i truly believe it is because you stay curled in next to me the whole night long, nestled in tight, able to eat whenever you please. for us, co-sleeping...you and i together...works. nights are one of my favorite times with you too. so i guess it isn't really possible to pick a favorite.

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