Friday, August 22, 2014

one month.

:: ellis at one month ::

my girl. 

my heart literally skips a beat every time i look into her eyes. or feel the weight of her little body relax into the purest sleep while in my arms. or as i sense her gentle, sweet spirit evolving each day.

it is a secret to no one, that i truly delight in her presence...
we are already kindred spirits, this one and i.

:: some one month highlights ::

ellis is an amazing nurser and has rolls that multiply by the day. i am unashamedly guilty of kissing on her all day, every day.

we do ellis's bath time in the mornings, followed by a lotion rub down. she melts every time.
the boys take turns pulling up a chair to watch and help.

i am constantly amazed at how easy it is for ellis to drift off to sleep with three rather loud and rambunctious brothers tumbling all around her.
but she is definitely a pro!

ellis is one lucky lady. if i''m not smothering her in ooooos and ahhhhs, her brothers are taking turns pouring on the love pretty thick. 
the kisses and hugs and high-fives, and lullabies are endless from these three. 
they affectionately call her, "sweet girl," "ellis rose," "rosie girl," and any other endearment they can come up with. 

ricky has been pretty busy with football and school starting so their "thing" together is taking naps in the evenings. i'm pretty sure ellis waits up just for him.
from the first day she was born, she has turned and looked in his direction every single time he speaks. she definitely knows that he is hers, and she is his.


i do not think it is possible to love you more, ellis rose.
and yet every day, i do. 


  1. I love this! What a lucky little girl to have such loving brothers!

  2. I love the pictures and your words, Katie! What a sweet blessing this season is. :)