Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2 months.

// 2 months //

this second month with you was such a dream.

you are seriously the happiest baby, and are already talking up a storm, cooing at us constantly.
the boys and i will sit and carry on conversations with you, taking turns deciding 
what you are saying.
it is one of our favorite games now!

you are a champion breast-feeder.
i have said it before, and i'll say it again...the breastfeeding relationship is one of my favorites ever.
you and i curl up as often as we can, 
sharing each others warmth.
allowing our heartbeats to beat in sync.

i love the place you have filled within our family.
who knew that you were the puzzle piece i didn't even know we were missing.
your brothers adore you.
your daddy is incredibly smitten.
and i am head over heals.

may your heart always be as free and content as it is now.


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