Tuesday, November 4, 2014

a portrait // vol. 3

// kale //
you were so excited for halloween this year. talking for several weeks leading up to it, about who you were going to dress up as.
on the day of, you reminded me that we didn't have any baskets or pails to put your candy in. (oops. ;)) so you and i loaded up for a quick mommy-kale date to pick out some bags for you and your brothers. i treasure my time alone with you.
we talk, hold hands, and enjoy the uninterrupted conversation.

// madden //
you got to go by yourself with daddy to pick out your costume this year.
you wanted iron man or hawk eye, but since we couldn't find a hawk eye costume, iron man it was!
you exhibited such courage and bravery at a little church festival we went to...you and kale climbed up on these huge trampolines and jumped your little hearts out. 
i was actually prepared to wait in the long line only to have you decided you didn't want to do it.
but no sir, you are so confident and eager to try new things.
i can't wait to see all the opportunities this bravery brings you.

// tobin //
my sweet boy. you were our very own modern day hero this year.
while you are still very much our "baby," your independence and adventurous spirit is coming through strong.
you are starting to enjoy dressing up just as much as your brothers do and are wanting to be a part of their play together.
the three of you are thick as thieves, and one of my greatest hopes in life, is that this carries into adulthood. that you always share the strongest of brotherhood bonds.

// ellis //
i had all kinds of little girl costume ideas for you this year. but they were all quickly vetoed the minute your brothers spotted this super-girl costume.
to say they were excited when they spotted it, would be a huge understatement.
if i'm honest, i think they were actually more excited about your costume than any of their own.
girl, i hope you always know just how loved you are by these three brothers.
it is pretty special to watch.
we simply adore you!

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