Monday, December 8, 2014

4 months // kimono love.

ellis is four months old now and is showing us each and every day that she is bound and determined to enjoy life to the fullest.
her little personality is all smiles and joy!

all five of us cant seem to get enough of you, ellis rose.

:: highlights ::

smiles and giggles and coos all day long

has been rolling for over a month now and prefers to be on her stomach, propped up and taking in all that is around her

we co-sleep at night, but E is taking two (sometimes three) solid naps a day.
sometimes i wear her, but i am starting to lay her down for at least one so that i can be completely hands and baby free for my boys.

we all think she gets cuter by the day and none of us can resist laying the biggest kisses on those cheeks whenever we are near.

E still nurses like a champ...even through the night! but since we co-sleep, i don't mind one bit. ;)

here's to one more month with you in our world, baby girl.
we are ridiculously smitten. 


headwrap: ellis.rose // IG: @ellis.rose

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