Monday, January 12, 2015

an update // taking stock.

first and foremost, i have missed this space. it seems that i have taken, yet again, an unintentional sabbatical from blogging. and i have missed it. terribly.

life happens every now and then, in such a way that i can only seem to take things in, to experience them, to notice it all... and then, for so many reasons, i don't stop to record.

i wrote over here about how this space for me, is my favorite way to stop and smell the roses. its a time to pause, to reflect, to remember, to of my favorite mamas over on IG (@thegraygang) wrote this and i love it, "i like to think that the real mothers are not the ones 'doing' things, but rather 'noticing' things. the ones showing up; the ones staying awake - and not to the everyday business bullshiz, but rather to the immersed matters of the heart. for the more you notice, the more you will feel. and the more you feel, the more you will have really lived. i want to be one of those; one of the lifelong 'noticers'." 

a lifelong noticer. this is what i am after. and while there may be breaks here and there, i will always come back to a place of recording.

i have a zillion posts swirling around in my head, but for now an update! i'm totally stealing this idea from some of my favorite bloggers,. :)

// taking stock //

making // tons of new rompers for my little shop. they are daaaarling!!!!!! and i'm hoping to have them ready by the beginning of february.

cooking // not nearly as much as i would like. i have been in a pretty deep rut where this is concerned. if you know me, it is pretty obvious that cooking isn't necessarily one of my favorite things in the world. i'm in desperate need for some inspiration in this areas. sigh.

drinking // lots and lots of water. i am a water feign when i am breastfeeding! i have also been loving a warm cup of green tea in the afternoons. 

reading // some books on homeschooling as we are starting to prepare ourselves for next year. Educating the WholeHearted Child, by Clay and Sally Clarkson is one that i am hoping to start soon, as it comes highly recommended.

wanting // a little more sunshine. i truly enjoy the winter months, but have found myself craving a beach. with lots and lots of warm sunshine. 

looking // forward to a fun family weekend at the end of this month. my siblings and i were all pretty scattered over the holidays, so we are all gathering at my parents for a quick weekend.

playing // the Birdy playlist on Pandora alllll theeee timeeeee. i can't get enough.

sewing // remember those rompers i mentioned up top. yep, sewing lots and lots of those. and headwraps. :)

wishing // i was a structured, organized person. but alas, i am so not. 

enjoying // all the sweetness of having a little girl. she slays us all in the very best of ways.

waiting // for some new fabric to arrive that i am dying to get my hands on!

wondering // what this next year will hold. 

loving // my morning moments alone before the rest of my home rises. it is pure bliss for this introvert 

hoping // to find a 10K or 1/2 marathon to start training for. I adore running and am excited to have something to be working towards. 

marveling // at the uh-maaaazing "big brother" skills that my oldest has. we just moved our youngest boy in with the older two, so that all three boys are together. we knew it would be an adjustment for Tobin, but Kale stepped right up to take care of him. he made a pallet by Tobin's bed so he could be next to him all night, and then proceeds to sing him the sweetest songs to help Tobin sleep.  

smelling // Ellis's freshly lotioned head as she is sitting on my lap. 

needing // quality, focused time with my Tobin. i feel like he has struggled the most with the changes that come with a new baby. i had him with me alone at the grocery store tonight and it was the absolute best. neither of us could stop smiling and i'm pretty sure i stole a few hundred kisses from the boy.

wearing // Ellis in some kind of carrier/wrap/sling for the greater part of each day. i can wear her on my back now which has made life so much easier. 

following // the National Championship game that Ricky is watching!

noticing // all of the moments that i know i will long for, even as i live them.

knowing // that as much as i would like to, i cannot bottle up time. and that each season is best lived to the fullest, and then left tucked away in our souls as the precious memories that they are. i know that i will come back to the memories that i am living and savor them often.

feeling // content. inspired. at peace. 



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