Tuesday, January 13, 2015

a portrait // vol. 1

i am going to try to keep up this year with doing a portrait each week of the kids.
i am already getting a late start, so will try to play catch up this week!
to start us off, a little christmas edition. :) 


// kale //
Christmas was so fun with you this year. 
you were right there next to me wanting to watch all the christmas movies, go christmas shopping for your siblings, and drive around to see the christmas lights. on christmas day, you got a few different kinds of punching bags and were ecstatic!  
but more than all the christmas fuss, my heart completely exploded this year, as you "got it." 
you got the reason we even celebrate christmas, and were just as excited about that, as any gift giving, movie watching, tree decorating moments.
and this, my sweet boy, was the best gift in the world, for this adoring mama.

// madden //
you, my child, were so very fun to surprise!
i made you and your brothers a "super-hero" pillow that you can use when we watch movies, or take with us camping.
while i had tried to hide them in your daddy's closet, you managed to steal a peak and were seriously ecstatic. we decided to give them to you on christmas eve as your one present, and you started running and jumping, and showering me with all kinds of hugs and 'thank yous'...even before you opened the present!
seeing your face light up with joy truly is my happiness. 

// tobin //
out of all the little goodies you received, you were pretty keen on this little dog. it was time for your pacifier and bottle to go this week, and while you handled it SO MUCH better than i was expecting, i wanted to get you a new little "lovie."
and i think this puppy was the perfect pick. 
once he was in your arms, you weren't all that interested in opening any other presents. haha.
not to mention, you are still kinda at the point where the wrapping paper is just as fun as whats inside.

// ellis //
this was your FIRST christmas, my love, and i had way too much fun dressing you up like my own little piece of christmas candy!!
i sure am enjoying all of these 'firsts' with you and am savoring all of the pure delight that you bring to each occasion.
i can only imagine the fun we will have next year, sweet girl. ;) 

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