Tuesday, January 13, 2015

but first, coffee.

i am linking up with some of the dearest ladies today at Tuesday Talk, and thought i would do a little coffee chat. it has been ages since i have done one, and i do love them so.


if you stopped by this morning, i would most likely have you come and sit in our living room with me, in front of a warm fire, with coffee in hand.
i would sink into the couch, get comfy, and start asking you all kinds of questions...questions about the simple stuff and questions about the deep stuff. i would want to know it all.

i would probably tell you that my mornings are slowly turning back into one of my favorite times of the day. before having children, i loved mornings and was almost always up early to greet the sun. however, through the course of having four kids in five years, i started to see the mornings less and less. i went from eagerly rising to greet the day, to rolling out reluctantly when my kids started to rise. this worked for a time, but no longer! i have turned over a new leaf, and am re-claiming my mornings! they have been nothing short of delicious. divine alone time to read, sip on coffee, get myself ready for the day, prepare my heart to shepherd the little ones that i have been given...and then i would probably ask you for a bit of accountability as i strive to make this a habit. ;)

i may tell you that my heart is so incredibly full these days. like overflowing, full. and that i am truly delighting in this season that i am in. it is a sanctifying season for sure, but i find that the more sanctifying a season is, the more i genuinely grow and enjoy it.

we are planning to start homeschooling our oldest next year, so i know this topic would come up. i am slowly starting to plan, research and get excited. there is a lot of fear wrapped up in this for me, though. i doubt myself greatly. doubt that i will have the discipline to do it adequately. doubt that i am at all capable of even teaching. teaching my child, while having three others that i am mothering through the day, will require a certain level of structure, intention and organization...all things i am not the strongest in. i am eager to challenge myself to grow, though.

i would talk to you about how we are searching for a church home right now. and how i strongly desire community...but am intimidated by it at the same time. i often feel more comfortable hiding out in my own home and family...i tell myself it is safer there, less draining, easier.

i would probably want to talk about inspiration and ask you where you are finding yours. i am incredibly inspired lately by all kinds of things...by my children and their laughs. by music and running, by other moms like you. there is inspiration everywhere, and i hope to be an intentional noticer of it all.

and now a certain bright-eyed girl is waking up, so off i go to tackle the rest of my morning! a real-life coffee with each and every one of you would be a favorite for me, for sure!!



  1. Visiting from Tuesday Talk! I love these type of coffee chat posts. I would love to contribute to a conversation about finding a church home. I have a home church (sort of) but there are no young adults and I so miss the kind of faith community I experienced at the church I attended during university.

  2. Love this! The fire sounds amazing and I would love to sit and chat worth you:) also we are in the same boat about homeschooling and I have been praying for all of my anxieties to not take over my life. We are slowly easing into it with prek at home but next year is going to be k and that scares me.

  3. So glad you joined us today! I always love reading your words!
    Psst....you are going to be amazing at homeschooling~
    Much Love,

  4. I would love to have coffee with you in person :) So excited about your homeschooling- so wonderful! Mornings are a special time for sure!

  5. I love having a few minutes to my self in the morning before my mini gets up because after that it is Go time!! I am so happy I found your blog :)
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  6. Beautiful post! I love hearing what's going on. I've been waking up about 20 minutes before my alarm lately, and it's been devine to have some time to myself.Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Talk!

  7. Enjoyed finding your blog today! I understand the desire for community within church. We joined our church about two years ago, and I'm still struggling to find my place there.

  8. I found your blog through IG. I was postdate/"overdue" with my little girl this past summer and I was searching hashtags in hopes of finding mama's in similar boats (funny how just seeing someone else "waiting" can encourage you in your own wait :) As I searched, I found your birth story, and therefore, your blog. I now follow you on IG and here as well. I just wanted to say, thanks for sharing your life and perspective. I so enjoy your posts and I can relate to so much in this particular one...I love mornings and my husband, and I after moving halfway across the country, are looking for a home church as well. Community is so important and as we look for one here, I am grateful that I have stumbled upon an online community of women who share in the adventure of motherhood together--as crazy and as wonderful as it is!
    <3 Abigail