Tuesday, April 14, 2015

a portrait and some thoughts.

while my presence from this little space has been completely absent for the past several months, life has been filled to the brim.

with hoards of rainy days spent indoors, snuggling and building forts.
with spring time adventures, gardening and trips to the park.
with a handful of weekend trips to visit family.
with cousins being born and a family reunion of sorts.
with sweet baby chub and kisses galore.

life has been incredibly slow and yet gone in an instant.
as it disappears right through my fingers, i am enjoying every last drop as well as i possible can.
because babies, children, simply don't keep.

i am learning a lot about myself during this season of motherhood.
things that i hope begin to pour themselves onto these pages once more, so that i can be reminded of them when these days are no longer.

i am highly sentimental.
a feeler of the deepest kind.

and boy do i miss writing.


1 comment:

  1. I miss your writing, too! But, our cute little products from Ellis.Rose make up for it :)